A Hard Week

Sunday – Jane and Hazel sanding and filling, John & kids to Vinegar Hill. John and Hannah take kids back to Jean’s for dinner.
Monday – Jane and Hazel finish sanding and filling, John bringing over wood, etc. Hannah and Jack oil floor. ??? Everyone goes for a swim at the town pool.
Tuesday – Hazel takes sander back to hirepool. Build most of 3 walls, end day by spreading tarpaulin over floor and tuck around wall studs. Not the best. Hazel takes boys and Hannah back to Jeans, then comes back to help for a bit. John & Jane Stay the night in the van at Hunterville.
Wednesday – Finish framing French Door, top plate all round, building paper, top sheets of ply (1/3 of a sheet). Get tarpaulin over roof. Hannah mopped floor, we slipped around in the mud to the light of the quad until about 10pm.
Thursday – Straighten and tack sheets on West wall.
Friday – To the doctor
Saturday – Paul rides over, from 2:30 to 8pm. Get West wall done, straighten and tack sheets on South wall
Sunday – 10 to 3pm, Straighten North wall, get big sheets up, including around door. Do all top sheets along North side.

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