STUFF on Tiny Houses


Feb 27 Tiny house a lesson in living simply


March 23 Living large …thinking small

June 24 Couple warm and dry in tiny ‘super shack’

July 21 Small, simple, genius: The tiny $35k house

August 18 The tiny house movement

August 30 Tiny home at a tiny price


April 13 What it’s like living in a 14sqm tiny house

April 17 Could you live in an 8-square-metre house?

April 22 ‘Tiny houses’ the way of the future

September 5 Tiny houses ‘wow’ and inspire alternative living (see staircase)

October 19 Big hopes for Piha tiny house built by three sisters

December 11 Tiny home is where the heart is for New Plymouth couple


May 27 Family with tiny house on wheels looking for Christchurch home

July 13 Tougher rules for shipping containers and tiny homes in Christchurch

July 15 US family reveals what it’s like to live in a minuscule 24.8 square-metre house

August 23 Admire Magazine: Peter and Heather Jameson’s tiny house in Blenheim

September 23 Queenstown woman has solution to housing crisis, make them tiny

December 20 Waimate a location for the tiny house movement


January 9 A tiny house built on big idea

January 16 David and Goliath: a tiny but effective solution to big house prices

January 21 Why this super-tall TV star has built a tiny house

January 23 Tiny home frees up money for a retirement of travel and surfing

January 25 Tiny house movement: Instagram’s best

January 28 Canterbury University couple builds tiny house to escape damp

February 7 School teacher built her own tiny house and learned a few new skills

February 15 Tiny house devotees could take a cue from this skinny house in Japan

February 16 Student couple tow tiny house from Nelson to Christchurch

March 10 Tiny container house becomes first to achieve 8 Homestar rating

May 2 George Clarke follows young couple’s tiny house build in Raglan

May 3 Tiny house build for Raglan throws up a challenge, or two

May 4 Raglan tiny house is finished, and Amazing Spaces’ George Clarke loves it

May 8 Turning to tiny for a first home under $100,000

May 8 Tiny house challenge needs bigger space

June 8 Is this simply the best tiny house you’ve ever seen?

June 8 Why I am over the tiny house movement

June 28 The Queenstown home built for $26,500

June 28 Living the simple life in a Waiheke tiny house

August 22 Wanaka architect’s personal tiny house solution to housing debt burden

August 22 Tiny chances to find a section for a tiny house in Queenstown

September 13 Millennials find tiny house an answer to Auckland’s housing shortage

September 13 Tiny house shows off big talent at Marlborough college

September 17 Their damp, overpriced rental was harming his daughter, so he built her a new house for $4200

September 22 Tiny house development among seven Special Housing Areas approved in Nelson

September 25 When is a tiny house something more?

October 4 13-year-old builds his own ‘starter home’

October 5 How tiny dogs live in a tiny house

October 6 Johnny Moore: Let’s have a tiny house community on an empty central Christchurch lot

October 8 Tiny house on show at Waikato Home & Garden Show

October 13 Building tiny houses to create jobs for Taumarunui youth

October 24 Enduro mountainbiker hangs up helmet for tiny house business

October 25 Tiny home that’s a ‘castle’ is surprisingly spacious inside

November 8 Tiny house community proposed for Christchurch red zone

November 9 Tiny house community in red zone could show way forward on housing problems

November 10 Family of five love their tiny house, and they’re going to home school

November 10 Nelson’s tiny house initiative has potential to help solve big problem

November 16 George Clarke shows how to build a DIY tiny house for $50k and offers a few tips

November 21 Tiny house on wheels for sale racks up 26,000 hits and counting

December 10 Tiny homes wheel around building codes

December 16 Tiny solution for big housing problems

December 29 Top six tiny houses that captured our hearts in 2017


January 9  Tiny homes with novel space-saving solutions are here to stay

January 24 Simple living on a teeny scale

February 4 Danica Jones and Nick Tunnell’s Raglan tiny house

February 11 Tiny home: life in a 1970 Bedford house truck with the Extravaganza Fair

February 24 Simple living on a teeny scale Apiti!!!

February 27 This tiny home in South Africa gives the term new meaning

March 1  Life in a tiny house with a tiny tot

March 4 The future of NZ housing is prefabs, and 180,000 ‘tiny’ homes

March 5 Is tiny living really so terrific?

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